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Hello! Back once again and doing some Transformers Prime fanfics and so forth.
Have a great day.

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Chapter Two: Anger of Two


I headed towards the Command Deck, knowing Megatron was there with Soundwave. My patience with Megatron constantly using Starscream as his own personal punching bag was coming to an end. Especially with everything that I had done for Megatron in his absence, I mean, I could’ve let Starscream keep his comatose body in the medical bay forever, forcing all the Con’s to accept Starscream as their new leader, but my lover knows, even if he doesn’t always see it, that after a certain while, they would deflect and try to kill him and eventually bring Megatron back.

So I allowed the Autobot controlled Bumblebee help bring Megatron back, but I should’ve anticipated him going after Starscream, for he nearly pound the spark out of Screamer and forced me to watch it. I accepted Megatron as my leader and Starscream as my lover and Commander many, many eon’s ago, that would never change, or at least, I thought it wouldn’t change.

I mean, I owned Megatron my life, but ever since his return along with his resurrection, he’s constantly belittling and abusing Starscream, I’ve stopped some of the most severe and…..gruesome of punishments that he nearly placed upon Starscream, expect for the one that he had recently given to Starscream, and almost to me. But I think…and feel….that not even I will be able to save my dear Starscream from his final death.

And I just couldn't let it come to that. 

I stopped in front of the Command Deck’s doors, pausing for a brief moment. If it came down to deflecting from the Decepticons to save my lover’s life, or watching him burn in front of my optics by my savior…..I think I would die with my lover, so he would always know that he was never alone, not even in death.

That would be my choice, for all eternity.

If that choice was given to me.

I sighed, putting my thoughts behind me and facing what I had to do in front of me. I went through the Command doors.




Megatron turned at the sound of the doors opening and saw the little seeker fembot named Moonstar walk in. She was the only femme in his command with multiple skills: medical, combat specialist, and scientist. 

She had been in his command ten solar years after the war on Cybertron had started, after he had saved her life, though her and Starscream were together way before Starscream joined his army.

The fembot was the smallest of all the seekers, which made her excellent for recon and stealth missions when maneuverability and speed was most needed. She was loyal to the Con’s, loyal to him and his goals, but….

…..It was her unending, and unnatural, love and devotion to Starscream that pissed him off, she defended Starscream in whatever he did, expect when it came to Starscream killing him, she seemed to be against that. She was the only Con that showed compassion to everyone, even her enemies. And Megatron didn’t really care for such emotions. But, there were times when Megatron found comfort in her kindness and compassion….


…..This was not one of those times.

Megatron raised his servos up to the back of his head and saw Moonstar’s side arm gun lying by his foot. She had thrown it and hit him in the head.

“That’s for kicking the slag out of my mate!” I snapped angrily at Megatron as I crossed my arms in front of my chest-plates and glared at him.

“Moonstar…so lovely to see you.” Megatron said sarcastically. He rubbed the spot on the back of his head where the gun hit, noticing it still by his foot he kicked it clear across the room.

I walked up to him, still glaring. “You beat him till he was unconscious, almost causing statis-lock, and you force me to watch you do it. Be glad I don’t shove a flamethrower up your tailpipe for what you did to us.”  I told him angrily as I stood toe to toe with him and looked up. “I know Starscream can be an idgit at times, but that was too fucking far!”

Megatron grabbed me by the voice respectors and hauled me up till I was eye level with him; I mindlessly kicked my feet out and tried to pry his fingers off my audio casing.

“Remember who you are talking to Moonstar, continue to be insolent to me and you will wound up right next to him in the Medical Bay.” Megatron warned me as he let go of my throat and dropped me.

I landed right on my aft, coughing a bit from the restraint; I rubbed my audio casing as I looked back up at him, still glaring angrily.

Megatron turned away from me. “There are reasons why I haven’t turned you into scrap metal Moonstar.” He explained casually.

“And what reasons are those Megatron?” I asked him as I pushed myself up off the floor.

“Those are for me to know, just don’t make me regret them Moonstar.” Megatron told me with finality. He went back to working with Soundwave, ignoring me.  

I puffed out a sigh of frustration and went over to where my gun laid and put it back in its holster, which was within my right-leg’s compartment, I decided to leave the Command Deck, but not before speaking that which weighed heavily upon my spark.

“I have stood by your side, my Mentor, despite all that Commander Starscream has done; I wish neither of you to lose your spark in such senseless in-fighting. But please understand, My Liege, Starscream is all that I have of my former self before Optimus Prime allowed it to be destroyed.” I stated sincerely and respectfully, as my position as Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer required of me.

Megatron turned away from Soundwave and looked at me. His expression was passive, not allowing me to know what he truly thought of my statement. He walked down the walk-way towards me.

“Moonstar, I have trusted you with much these past eons, and your devotion to me in not allowing Starscream to exterminate my spark, has indeed shown how loyal you are to your Mentor. But understand, Lieutenant, I know you are merely allowing Starscream to continue his treacherous scheming till he has proven he can be the Leader of the Decepticons you so see within me.” Megatron clarified his optics boring into me with intensity that sent a cold chill through my energon circulations systems. 

“But his scheming has allow many opportunities to rise in showing your unwavering leadership skills to the troops, and his military advice has become useful to you these long eons, otherwise you would’ve had Soundwave statis-lock him and kept on ice until you saw fit to end his spark.” I pointed out. “I also know that you won’t end his spark because of what he means to me, so long as I can keep him in check from severely harming the Decepticon’s cause of Domination.”

Megatron narrowed his optics at that statement before smirking in amusement at me. “You seem to think yourself indispensable my dear, Moonstar.”

I straighten my stance, squaring my wing-cufflinks, I looked straight up at his optics. “As long as my medical and scientific expertise remains crucial to your goals, I am indispensable to you, my Mentor.” I reminded him.

Megatron’s smirk disappeared and his facial features remained passive once again. “Your reasoning, as usual my dear, is indeed logical. Now, if you will excuse me, I have much work that needs addressing.” Megatron ended our conversation as he turned away and walked back towards Soundwave, standing once again as a pillar of strength and cunning to the Decepticon leadership.

I watched him for a few nanoseconds before bowing my head and leaving the bridge. 

Corruption of Hope
Second Transformers Prime Chapter
Chapter One: Mending Wounds

"Starscream would you hold still for one blasted second! Starscream! I swear if you don't lie still I'm gonna duck tape you to this damn table!" I warned him as I tried, but failing, to fix his wounded body.

"I'm perfectly fine, let go damnit!" Starscream struggled to get up off the medical table but was forced back down by Moonstar.

"Don't make me get Knockout in here, I'll make him sit on you if you don't lie still and let me work on your wounds." I told him, grabbing a hold of his shoulders and trying to keep him down as I plugged the medical tubes back into him.

Starscream just went and yanked them out again on me.

"That's it! I'm getting Megatron back in here!" I gave up as I turned away from him and headed towards the door. "Maybe another pounding will make you cooperate."

"No Moonstar! I'll be good, I'll let you fix me, just don't bring him back in here." Starscream cried out to her, he tried to push himself off the table to bring her back but collapsed, fear was running through him like a live wire.

I turned around and walked back over to him and picked up my tools and started working on his legs. "Sorry for threatening you like that but this has to be dealt with, you need to be healed and not walking around looking like scrap metal." I explained to him as I slowly bent his right leg back a little to work around the extensions of the knee and calf.

Starscream sighed and stared up at the ceiling, he was cursing Megatron in his head.

I looked up at him; sadden by what had been done. "You didn't deserve this, you know that right?"

Starscream didn't answer me, just kept staring up at the ceiling.

I put my tools down and walked up and around the table till I was looking down at him. "Screamer…look at me." I asked him softly, crossing my arms on the head of the table.

Starscream titled his head back a little more and looked at me, his red optics still showed fear in them.

I gently touch his face, my fingers tracing the line from his brow to his mouth. "You didn't deserve this…" I repeated sadly. "….You never deserve this." My fingers circling his cheek.

"Moonstar…." He said sorrowfully to her, he raised his right hand slowly and grasped her fingers.

We just stared at one another for a couple of moments, Starscream holding my hand and the both of us staring into our optics. I tilted my head to the left and saw something curious.

"You know, from this angle, your brows really need to be cut." I said, completely off topic.

Starscream laughed and swatted my hand away. I grinned at him before leaning over and kissing the top of his head. "That got ya happy."

He snorted at me. "You wanna make me happy, go shove a blowtorch up the tailpipe of the bot that did this to me." He indicated the scene with his hands before randomly flipping off the medical bay doors.

"Uhm….I'm not gonna touch that comment with a ten-foot pole thank you." I said to him as I tried not to laugh at what he was doing.

I walked back around the table and picked up my tools again to start working but was suddenly grabbed by both wrists and pulled forward by Starscream, and the next thing I knew we were lip-locked.

My optics widened and my tools dropped to the floor, and of all times, the medical bay doors opened and Knockout came in.

He stopped short the moment he entered. "Uhm……am I interrupting something?" A little confused but also very interested.

I pulled my mouth away from Starscream's and turned my head to Knockout. "Yes! Now get out! OUT!" I ordered him.

Knockout ran out the door. "That's one way of fixing him up…." He muttered as he smirked at Moonstar's medical ways.

Once Knockout was gone I pushed Starscream away. "No kissey till your fixed boy." I told him, picking my tools up that had fallen to the floor.

Starscream laid back down on the table, a big, huge, smile on his face. "I feel much better Doc, thanks."

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny, now let me get back to my work so you can actually get back on your feet." I told him, but before I could do that I went over to the doors and called out for Knockout. "Help me with his repair and no its not That type of repair."

Knockout just laughed as he walked in with me and we both started repairing and fixing Starscream.

"Don't worry Screamer, I'll get Megs back for this. Nothing is more fearful then a fembot with a temper." I explained, grinning at him.

Knockout and Starscream nodded in total agreement with her.

"When you do kick Megatron's tailpipe, please video it and show it to me." Starscream asked her.

"I will. Knockout can you take over for me? I gotta go to the Command deck for a bit." I said to Knockout as I put my tools back on the cart.

"Of course Moonstar." He acknowledged as he took over for her.

I leaned over and kissed Starscream's right cheek. "Be a good patient darling." I pulled away and headed towards the doors.

"I always am." He stated to her, smirking.

"Pfff, yeah right." I said back as I left the medical bay.

"Good woman." Knockout said to Starscream when she was gone.

"You have no idea." Starscream said as he touched the spot where she had kissed him.

'You have no idea how good a woman she me at least.' <b>
Corruption Of Hope
this is what happens when u've been up too early with an hangover and watching crack transformer vids on youtube.

transformers prime starscream and knockout @ hasbro
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*Knock Out in the background doing a :facepalm: *

Some fun with my character Moonstar as she plays with the Stunticons. XD
I'm in the mood for a little fanfic writing so ya, fun with the Cons'


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